Sunday, September 2, 2012

So.....we meet again......

Blogger was being weird for me yesterday. I don't know why, but now it's working for me! Woot!

Latest couponing trip: WALMART. Yup, where I work.

What did I get? Bic pens and pencils.

How much did I spend? $1.45


  • Price matched the pens at the Kmart sale price of $.75. Bought four 10 packs of the Cristal pens.
    • Used (2) $1/2 Bic stationary coupons.
    • Final Price: $.25 after price match and coupons
  • Price matched the pencils at the Staples sale price of $.50. Bought four 5 packs of mechanical pencils.
    • Used (2) $1/2 Bic stationary coupons
    • Final price: FREE after price match and coupons
Oh yeah! The original cost of everything would have been about $14.00 without the price matching and the coupons. Hubby figured that I saved about 90% yesterday. He also said that I was spending money on pencils when we didn't need them. Well, I didn't spend any money on the pencils (except tax) and the guys ended up using the pencils for a new form of boffer fighting they are creating. (Never know when you're going to need a pencil.)

Update on Miss Bug: she's now starting to say very simple words and get on all fours and rock back and forth. I was woken up to her looking at me from her crib, saying "Ma ma ma." Very pleasant way to wake up this morning.

According to Hubby, she's saying "Ba ba ba ba" and "Fa fa fa fa." She says "Ba ba ba" when she sees a bottle getting ready. She freaked out on Uncle Fatty when he didn't get the bottle to her fast enough, but the point is she knows what a bottle is. LOL

I can't believe Miss Bug is going to be six months old very very soon. Where has that time gone, other than flying by?

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