Thursday, September 20, 2012

I can't think of a title....

Yeah, I'm not going to talk about couponing in this post. Shocker right? LOL

Well, I have to go to Florida. I'm going to visit my granddad who may or may not make it to 2013. Yeah, it will be nice to go see my dad and hopefully a couple of friends of mine, but it's mainly to see him. I've done some crying over it, but there's nothing I can do. He's 91, and I'm almost positive that it's not just his kidneys that are failing him. I believe that he's dying of a broken heart because he lost his wife last year.

Miss Bug is going with me so she can see her Papa Jack (my granddad) and her granddad (my dad). I'm looking forward to the trip because of that.

I painted my nails tonight just because I could. It's one of the few girly things I've done for myself lately. Buying make-up and actually wearing it is another thing I've done too. :)

In order to help supplement my income, I have been considering selling Avon, Scentsy, adding coupons to this page (oops, I mentioned them), just something. We have enough, but at times I still feel like it's not enough. I guess I feel that way because my hours are so damned crazy at work, even though my department manager gets me more hours than I had been scheduled for. (Some weeks, I don't get that many hours.)

Miss Bug is really getting into what I like to call "big girl food," meaning jarred baby food and some food off my plate when we go somewhere to eat. Good thing is, she LOVES it. Today for breakfast, she had oatmeal, some peaches (she's not too sure about those), and a small amount of formula. She ate all of her oatmeal! She also had some sweet potatoes and a banana/strawberry mix. We went and ate at a Mexican restaurant in town and had some refried beans and rice off my plate. There was some guacamole on there too, so I let her try it. She loved it all. My little girl is such a good eater, and that makes me happy. I just hope she doesn't become one of those picky eaters when she's older......

I think tomorrow morning I'm going to mix some of her fruit in her oatmeal to make sure she eats it. (Peaches  here we come!)

I decided today as I was leaving work that I would inventory all of her food. Done. Now I just have to organize it the way that I want to and put that inventory in my coupon notebook so I have it when I go shopping.

Well, I guess I need to get back to looking for plane tickets or organize the baby food inventory or something. I am fresh out of ideas to talk about here..........

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