Friday, August 24, 2012

Walmart deal!

I had to go to Walmart today for some sodas. The hubby loves coconut rum and Peach Nehi soda, and I needed the Peach Nehi for him and sodas for the rest of the week.

 I FINALLY FOUND MY COUPON NOTEBOOK PAGES!!! Oh it's about time!!!! I was able to get my coupon notebook set up only to realize that I'm going to need a bigger binder (and one with a zipper).


I can't have my coupons falling out!

I was also able to score a Febreeze Car vent clip for $.97 today. I had the $1/1 coupon that came in a P&G  mailer the other day and it was $1.97 before the coupon. Now my van will smell nice. Wooty Woot!!!!

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