Friday, August 24, 2012

Walmart deal!

I had to go to Walmart today for some sodas. The hubby loves coconut rum and Peach Nehi soda, and I needed the Peach Nehi for him and sodas for the rest of the week.

 I FINALLY FOUND MY COUPON NOTEBOOK PAGES!!! Oh it's about time!!!! I was able to get my coupon notebook set up only to realize that I'm going to need a bigger binder (and one with a zipper).


I can't have my coupons falling out!

I was also able to score a Febreeze Car vent clip for $.97 today. I had the $1/1 coupon that came in a P&G  mailer the other day and it was $1.97 before the coupon. Now my van will smell nice. Wooty Woot!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

From I Heart the Mart

Lay away is back for the holidays and Walmart is starting it even earlier this year!!!!! Perfect because we want a new TV and it's Miss Bug's first Christmas.

Need more details:

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Frustrating Couponing Trip

After a couple of successful couponing trips to Walgreens and CVS this week, I had a very frustrating one at Walmart. It might have had something to do with the cashier or maybe I did something wrong. I don't know, but it was frustrating and I am super disappointed with the way it turned out.

I wish Kroger and Publix weren't so far away from me, especially Kroger. Kroger has some really good deals, but I think after today's trip, I might make the trip to Hartselle to go shopping at Kroger.

My successful couponing trip at CVS was great! Loved it. Thanks to iheartcvs, I was able to get this little spreadsheet that helped me calculate how much I would be spending and saving. I spent exactly what I thought I would be spending and was able to get a couple of extra items and my ECBs for my next trip, which will be when I get paid again. CVS is having a gas card deal, so I am DEFINITELY hitting that up.(It never hurts to have gas cards laying around!)

My Walgreens trip was also just as successful, but I want to keep that one to myself. Sorry. LOL

I was asked to cook dinner the other night and I had no idea what to make. The guys had no clue what they wanted to eat, so what did I do? Hit up Pinterest, of course. I found this super easy recipe for Taco Pizza, and it turned out awesome! Hubby didn't like the crescent roll crust, but it was just amazing. It's something that will be made again some time in the near future. (I have the supplies for it, with the exception of the refried beans in my refrigerator.)


Hamburger meat with taco seasoning

Refried beans with Green Chilis


Crescent roll crust slightly baked

Refried bean "pizza sauce"

Meat and cheese

More cheese on top

Melted cheesy taco goodness

Salsa and sour cream to top it off. YUM!

Friday, August 10, 2012

And here I am again

So I took a short little break away from my blog for the past few days. Sorry. :(

This past weekend was not easy for me. It marked the one year anniversary of when my grandmother left her family to take her place as an angel. I was pretty much in a crummy mood all weekend, and I was so happy that Monday rolled around as quickly as it did. (Yeah, it's weird that someone would look forward to a Monday, but I did.)

I have 100% completely decided that living in a small town that doesn't have my absolute favorite grocery store sucks. Publix occasionally rolls out these coupon books with all of these yummy coupons that I need in order to satisfy my new couponing habit/addiction. Problem is: Cullman (the town that I live in) doesn't have one. It really really sucks. The closest one is in Decatur, which is about 30 minutes away. Yes, our "new" van is a lot more mechanically sound, but we aren't sure if we want to put it to that kind of a test yet and gas isn't cheap. (Please Publix, come to Cullman!!!!!! Other than the coupons, there are several things that I need because I miss them!)

Since I'm talking about saving money, I did awesome yesterday. I walked out of CVS with a pack of Pampers and some Pampers wipes for $5.72! That's a little cheaper than getting some Parent's Choice diapers alone! How did I do it? Here's how:

  • The diapers were $8.99 with the Extra Care card.
  • I had gotten some coupons from Pampers in the mail. Coupon values were $4, $3, and free wipes with the purchase of diapers. (That coupon allowed me to buy 60-72 count wipes with a price of up to $3.99)
  • I used my card, the $4 coupon, and the free wipes coupon and paid $5.72 for all of it.
This week CVS has a deal if you buy $30 worth of P&G products, you get $10 in Extra Care Bucks. Unfortunately, all I needed were the diapers, so I didn't get to earn any of those ECBs. (Pampers is a P&G product).

Here's the edit with the receipt. Ignore the peanut butter. 

Work is going pretty well. I didn't get the full time position in my department, but I was asked to be a sponsor. Sponsors at Walmart are basically department trainers. I know that I don't get paid any extra to be a trainer, but it's okay. It's another little feather in my cap to add to my resume to help me move up. I'm hoping that there is another full time position in my department open that I can apply for. I think the only thing that might be held against me is the fact that I've been with Walmart for less than 6 months. I haven't really been there 3 months yet, and I haven't gotten my discount card yet.

I should try to get a little bit more sleep before Miss Bug wakes up. It is pretty early in the morning still. Oh, and I have to put a bill payment in the mail before I forget and the mail gets here.