Saturday, October 13, 2012

What's new?

I'm still working on getting that post about what I learned while traveling with an infant. (Kind of forgot about it until I looked at the blog.)

Other than that, I have recently started selling Avon products. I'm still learning the ropes with Avon. My mom sold it when I was younger and I think she did well with it. I don't really remember.

Oh, yeah. I need to post about my latest CVS and Walmart trips because those were pretty exciting for me. My friend Bekah posted something on her Facebook page about how she spent close to $82 on $500 worth of groceries. I wish I lived close enough to her so I could go with her and perfect my grocery couponing.

I found a really interesting recipe for an easy Mexican dip recipe from It looks so good. I can't wait until I get all of the ingredients to make it and try it.

I found some Fila Skele Toes on sale at one of the local shoe stores in town. I can't wait to pick them up and wear them. Now the thing is to find some for my husband that fit. The store had some for him, but they weren't in his size. :(

Okay, back to planning the posts that I want to post soon.

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