Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rambling for a bit...

So, while working overnight last night, I FINALLY decided on a new name for the blog! (Remember me talking about possible changes, one of them being a new name?)

I ran out of Febreeze while cleaning my living room the other day. I needed it to get the smell out of my couches and chairs. Where did I turn to get a recipe for homemade Febreeze? Where else? Pinterest! Some of the recipes there call for baking soda. It's not something that I have in the house right at this moment, so I had to find an alternate one. My Crazy Blessed Life had one that didn't call for baking soda, and of course I modified it because I don't have the Downy Unstoppables that she has. (I have plain old Downy in my house that I got cheap.) I just did the modification with the regular liquid Downy and put it in my empty Febreeze bottle and went back to cleaning. When I go to make this again, I will have the baking soda.

I also need to get some of that carpet powder for that black rug in my living room. I finally got a small vacuum that works on carpet and floors like hardwood and such for $7.00. (It was a left over Black Friday deal that was marked down. How awesome is that?) I can probably get some really cheap from CVS next time there's a sale on Glade products, and then keep the container to make my own. (Yeah, gonna need baking soda for it too.)

I really need to lay back down. Last night was a little rough because I didn't get that much sleep.

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